is a Dominican American Artist with dreams of changing the world one piece at a time. Her precise and careful elements of color and bold dramatic imagery crafted into each work of art really speak of her soul and her journey.

creativity played a pivotal role in the extra curricular activities she embarked upon. Her talents ranged from making dresses and hairstyling for her Barbie dolls to twirling a baton as a Majorette, singing in the chorus or playing the flute for her school. Academia was very important in the Burgos family; attending a magnet school in the Bronx and becoming the Editor of her high school newspaper, getting numerous votes in her school superlatives and becoming queen of her high school were amongst her early achievements.

college that C. Burgos stumbled upon her love for color and art as a passion. She entered Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY as a Business Administration major and was determined to get her degree and thrive as a successful leader in her community. Her college senior year is one she will never forget because it is during that time when she inadvertently signed up for an advanced art class having never taken an art course in the past and wound up excelling far beyond her wildest expectations. From this point on she began to really take notice to her abilities. But, still was not convinced that she was in fact
an “Artist”.

C. Burgos had a few jobs in the business world, but eventually gravitated toward working with children. Then marriage happened, a child happened and she found herself traveling the world with her then International Basketball Player husband. Visiting places like Italy, Austria, Finland, Taiwan, Sweden and Russia gave her a different perspective of colors and shapes that were so different from the normality of her life growing up in the Bronx. Time went on and eventually C. Burgos made the conscious decision to return to the United States as her son got older wanting him to start school in a consistent environment without the tumultuous travel. Eventually her and her husband divorced and C. Burgos found herself in a state of functional depression where she worked and provided for her family, but had lost all the happiness and color in her life.

is a visionary with her artwork using a mixture of acrylic paints and other materials. She considers her style a juxtaposition of Texture, Abstract and Still. Pulling from her childhood upbringing and her structured Dominican culture, C. Burgos uses her hands in virtually every piece to create magnificent works of art. Her travels overseas also play a very important role in how she creates her work. The beauty of the architecture, people and culture she encountered always remained in her thoughts and are always present in her work.

pulls inspiration from impressionist Artists like Van Gogh and Monet and Modern Artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat. Above all, her biggest and most rewarding inspiration is her undying love for children. C. Burgos received her Master”s Degree in Leadership in early 2009 and currently serves as Assistant Director, Child Day Care Services.

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